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Be honest with what you want. It does not mean you need to pursue it. But at least don’t deprived yourself of dreaming.

You are responsible for your own happiness. You cannot force someone to spend their time on you. If they do, learn to accept their offer and be grateful. If they don’t, learn to accept it as well — face value.

The soceity and people around your have their desired outcome for you. So does the company you are working with, your parents, friends, partners and even strangers. The question is — What is your desired outcome?

Figuring out what is effective for you is more helpful than blindly following your passion.

Where do you get the idea that you need to match someone else’s passion? And became self-critical if you cannot?



Whether we admit it or not, we don’t want to get rid of our excuses. We don’t want to lose our shield against fear of criticism, fear of failing, and fear of the unknown. Our excuse act as a false hero who saves us from the uncertainty of diving into new and foreign terrain. Our refusal to call relieve us from the temporary discomfort of feeling unprepared and inadequate. Yes, excuses save us — until it hurts us.



August 6, 2021

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Whether it is external or internal motivation, doing something daily will ingrain a habit so deep-rooted it became hard to pull off

It is common sense that if you don’t get what you want

you try it again

you try a different approach

until you make it

You don’t have to be courageous

you have to take courage

We focus too much on the noun

when it is the verb that matters.

Have you thought about the problem for a long time?

The weight of the glass of water does not matter,

It is how long you hold the glass that causes the suffering.

Then what? (Continue asking if you are overthinking)

Don’t be overly optimistic that following advice

from success stories will have the same results as you want.

Skill has its share. So is luck and uncertainty.



Hating can be a clue

People are weird.

Ask them what they want, they cannot figure it out.

But ask them what they DON'T want, and the list is endless.

So how this human nature can help us?

Let's say you are stuck and don't know what to do next.

Instead of asking, "What do I want?
Ask yourself, "What do I don't want?"

Instead of asking, "What do I love doing?"
Ask yourself, "What I don't love doing?"
Or better, "What do I hate NOT doing?"

Clarity starts from decluttering of the unnecessary.

Elimination cuts the weight of the decision.

Only when the closet of your brain is free of unwanted stuff, you will get clear of what you want.



We must be careful on reading reviews and basing our judgment based on how many stars the book or the product has. Not all comments are important to consider. You may not notice it but your decision will be influenced by other people’s opinions. So before signing-up or clicking Checkout…



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