Three Unusual Approach In Solving Your Problems

Be A Mother

When a baby is hungry and cries, the mother will wake up no matter what time of the night it is to prepare the milk and feed the baby. It doesn't matter to the mother whether she is tired from a busy day that passed. Just like a mother, treat the most important things in your life as babies. Whether they are your dreams, relationship, business, etc. You have nourished them whether you are in the mood or not.

Be A Mechanic

When correcting someone, act as a mechanic. When the car does not start, the mechanic does not, "What wrong with you stupid car?" No, he doesn’t do that. What he will do is open the hood of the car and find out what is need to be fixed without blaming the car for its malfunction.

Be A Maker

When your iPhone does not work, you bring it to the Apple Service Center. Why? Because you know that Apple Service Center knows the phone well more than another service center. When you are in trouble, you go to the Maker to be fixed. He is the only one who owns your Personal Manual. He knows how you are made, thus, know how to troubleshoot you.



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