Start From What You Don’t Want

Hating can be a clue

Brian Dela Cruz
May 13, 2021

People are weird.

Ask them what they want, they cannot figure it out.

But ask them what they DON'T want, and the list is endless.

So how this human nature can help us?

Let's say you are stuck and don't know what to do next.

Instead of asking, "What do I want?
Ask yourself, "What do I don't want?"

Instead of asking, "What do I love doing?"
Ask yourself, "What I don't love doing?"
Or better, "What do I hate NOT doing?"

Clarity starts from decluttering of the unnecessary.

Elimination cuts the weight of the decision.

Only when the closet of your brain is free of unwanted stuff, you will get clear of what you want.

Brian Dela Cruz

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