August 6, 2021

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

Whether it is external or internal motivation, doing something daily will ingrain a habit so deep-rooted it became hard to pull off

It is common sense that if you don’t get what you want

you try it again

you try a different approach

until you make it

You don’t have to be courageous

you have to take courage

We focus too much on the noun

when it is the verb that matters.

Have you thought about the problem for a long time?

The weight of the glass of water does not matter,

It is how long you hold the glass that causes the suffering.

Then what? (Continue asking if you are overthinking)

Don’t be overly optimistic that following advice

from success stories will have the same results as you want.

Skill has its share. So is luck and uncertainty.

Brian Dela Cruz

I help online coaches turn their course and eBook into an irresistible product your dream client cannot refuse.